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A queer, or queerlike man. Also one who likes to lick trees imagining them as baseballs.
Look at that bonjot waiting in line to run a train on that hoe, he's touching that other guys' balls as he yells for him to hurry up because he's next.
by Tyson K August 30, 2006
thats a lie ^... HASHKALS kno how to get down yo.. just take a glimpse at the fuckin almariah.. u will want to join like no other.. they got no bitches, no cars, no drinks, no midwakh.. but yo the thing that makes the most sense about them is that they HATE Americans, but yo they love 2pac and 50 which are also americias yo.. so if u feel the urge to GET DOWN.. go thurr and say "AYYO i wanna get down!" they will come to u.. with there knuckledusters and attitudes.. just remember,, salgood..nahmeen
ima hashkal forreeal

U aint shit man
by Tyson K August 31, 2006
An amazing place where girls run backwards and bitches like it EVERYWHERE, ya'll know it aighttttttt, they take that shit in the nose over here. I love it when they blow their noses all over my dick, and then suck that shit right off. Yeah the UAE and abu dhabi bitches are crazy ninjas man. They ride in their land cruisers but yall no that they cant hide the fact that they love their knuckledusters and how dey love them hashkels with their DEW bottles all up in their asses.
Yo, I'm going to abu dhabi man!

Shit sweet man you should go hit up Cuba Cafe where the girls are fine and the men are pretty.
by Tyson K August 30, 2006

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