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The disease in which someone becomes a complete and utter ass, annoying anybody in the immediate area.
Ass- "Hey guys, you guys suck..and, I need to get new friends....and I hate you guys.

Other Guy- "Jesus Christ, hes come down with Richieitis. Come on, the only cure is bludgeoning the victim with golf clubs. *Beats Ass with clubs"

Ass- *sob* "I love you guys..."
by Tyson Fudge May 01, 2005
A disease where one finds sexual excitement by rolling around in a pile of debree, usually containing shards of glass, salt, and lemons. The seering pain sends them into an altered state of consciousness and brings about explosive bouts of joy and sexual relief.
Richie suffered from severe Michochondrianotisitis, until he added bee pheremone to his pile and was slowly consumed by a swarm or ravenous half-a-bees.
by Tyson Fudge April 19, 2005
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