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2 definitions by TyroneTheTiger

A bowl of fresh marijuana mixed with tobacco, the effects are far greater than a first timer would expect. Continuity of smoking dirty bowls can build resistance to the tobacco portion.
As Leeroy cleared the chamber of dirty bowl smoke he collapsed, spilling foul water and breaking his beautiful piece. Poor Leeroy.
by TyroneTheTiger October 12, 2010
10 1
Commonly mistaken for Dirty Bowl, dirt rips are pure tobacco instead of a marijuana-tobacco combo bowl. It is referred to as dirt for it's resemblance in color to the dirt on the ground. Indulging in a dirt rip can submit ones body into a much different aura than that of marijuana. Dirt rips last only a few minutes max.
-"Why is Arthur on the floor?"
-"He took a dirt rip, fucked his day up."
by TyroneTheTiger October 12, 2010
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