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the act of snapping a mans penis, resaulting in EXTREME pain, bleeding, and massive brusing. This can be accidantal or deliberate
'A man is walking down the stairs and slips' "AHHHHHH AHHHHH Fuck I have dicksnap"
by Tyrone Johnson July 01, 2003
A religious man who enjoys molesting children. This type of man attempts to lure young into doing sexual activities with him by telling them they will be rewarded by god.
"Hey little child, the lord wants you to ....... "
by Tyrone Johnson June 29, 2003
A homosexual dance the "abo" does, Involves someone blowing in a long wooden log called a “didgeridoo”, while others clap sticks together and dance around a fire, all this is done whilst drunk on petrol siphoned from someone else’s car.
bruada, let hav a carobbery mate, da boss like dat fella
by Tyrone Johnson June 29, 2003
A gram of marijuana
hey dude you got the ticket to the magic show?
by Tyrone Johnson June 29, 2003
a word used by stoners to describe a bambo peice pipe.
ey man pass us the black indian
by Tyrone Johnson June 29, 2003
Homosexuals way of seducing young children
"o you silly goose"
by Tyrone Johnson June 30, 2003

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