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4 definitions by Tyresius

Porno made famous by Paul Rudd's character, Dave in The 40 Year Old Virgin, found in his collection of Boner Jams '03 with Harry Twatter and Space Nuts.
"You know the movie School of Rock? Well this is the porn version of it School of Cock, and instead of Jack Black it stars Jack Black...Cock."
by Tyresius August 27, 2006
163 52
Beating your meat then skeeting as the natural result.Jerking your gerk.
Me: Dog why have you not been answering your phone?
Sun: Sorry bro i was beat skeeting!
Me: Beat skeet?
Sun: You don't know what beat skeet is?
Me: When you beat it till you skeet it?
Sun: Exactly!
by Tyresius February 27, 2008
12 9
Stoner's way of sayingstraight
Chad:I'm back in town, call me.
by Tyresius July 07, 2007
8 8
To tell someone goodbye in a pimp way.
Variation of the term dueces but much straighter.
Should be pronounced with a high pitched stoner's voice.
Sun:Aight I'll holla at ya later then.
Me:Aight then crakka, dooskees! And tell them hos to quit jackin my word.
Sun:Haha, aight I will, dooskees!
by Tyresius February 16, 2008
0 2