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1 definition by Tyresia

A person affected by a genetical disease whose symptoms include: an ugly pale skin covered with gross, disgusting stains called "freckles", an extreme sensitivity to sun that causes their epiderm to burn and rot off when exposed to sunlight, and an unusual and monster-like colour of their hair, wich resembles demonic flames and scares off little childrens and nuns.
Other side-effects of this disease are the complete lack of soul, and the habit of eating living kittens or even suck blood from people at night. Roughly 70% of the ginger individuals will die in 1-3 hours when exposed to sun or holy symbols.
There's no cure except for euthanasy, wich is still illegal in many european states tough, where ginger-disease affected individuals are more common due to genetical failure of the caucasian race.
Example 1: Still in the 21st century, genetic diseases affect a large percentile of the population, like diabetes, hemophily, obesity, cancer and gingerism.

Example 2: During middle-ages lepers and gingers were not allowed inside cities, and people shunned contact with them.

Example 3: John has contracted AIDS, proably he was infected by a ginger that sucked his blood off last night.

Example 4: Daitarn III fought against meganoids and gingers.
by Tyresia March 07, 2007