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Tyreal is a very easy-going and fun guy. While most believe he cannot do anything other than fight, he is additionally a proficient writer, a builder, and he has been on the grid longer than you. Call him a noob, and he will just laugh. His account was old when you were fucking around on the introduction island. Still, he tries to keep most of that on the down-low, as he doesn't like bringing attention to his abilities. He hopes you have a nice day, and enjoy your second life. On a last note, he will never give Darksider the Chain cannon. Darksider is a spoiled child, and he needs to learn to give thoughtlessly more often. It's an army. Your reward is to see us enjoying your work, and thanks from us as we mow down the enemies.
Sebastion: Tyreal, you seem very calm today. Why is that?

Tyreal: I finally got Hati to quit by trololololol. Kinda like death by trololol, but different in a way.
by Tyreal Mortal September 09, 2011
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