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2 definitions by Typhoon G. Nguyen

1. A prevalent member of the political party, the Whiggamores (Commonly known as the Whig).

2. Those who stole the name and transformed it into describing themselves as a most profound "gangster" of their race.
1. "Oh hello you dirty Torie, I myself am a proud representative of the Whig Party, and am here to disgrace your silly British ways."

2. "Hay gurl, last night this stank up whigger-boy came up to me and try to ax me fo' a date. Yeah I know it, the dude was sucha loser."
by Typhoon G. Nguyen October 22, 2008
1.An ancient entity part of a race of dinosaur known as <i>penisuclus erectamonus</i>.

2.Christopher Walken.

3.In other words, a penisaurus rex.
Dennis has claimed to have spotted the fluids of a rare penisaurus rex.

"Oh my, its so large and shapeful. Just look at its curvy features."
by Typhoon G. Nguyen May 23, 2008