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A condition found in a small number of diabetic men who, upon climax, ejaculate into their bladder.
"John, a 42-year-old diabetic, has difficulties fathering children, as he suffers from retrograde ejaculation."
by Typhon December 07, 2004
Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. Extremely addictive computer/XBox (/PS2? /Gamecube?) game. Mainly involves controlling a light-saber-wielding jedi and having multiplayer battles with others. Built on the Quake 3 engine. Has much more complexity than trashy first-person shooters such as Counterstrike or Quake 3.
I was oaning this guy DoGLiveD the other day in JK2. He's just a laming n00b. Don't be fooled.
by Typhon August 10, 2003
wordJK2 term. Acronym for "Death from Above." Used to describe both the red- and yellow-saber-style special moves, both of which involve hitting an opponent from above.
Don't whore yellow DFA, you n00b.
by Typhon August 10, 2003

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