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after having sex outside in the middle of winter, blow your load in the snow and pack your reciever's face deep into the cum covered snow...it is very important not to cream on ice, this may make them bleed in which case is called a froozen cherry cheesecake
man, i just met a girl and she wanted it now so i hit it outside and just had to give her the snow packer
by Tyman March 26, 2008
after sex or recieving head, blow your load on the floor, then take your partner, tip them upside-down and dip their head in your jism
when i went to her house last night and saw she had woodenfloors, i had to give her the belgium dip
by Tyman March 26, 2008
when recieving head, you jizz in their eye then walk behing them and flop you dick on their shoulder and squack like a parrot
dude, this girl wasn't givin good head so i gave her the captains parrot
by Tyman March 25, 2008
after intercourse outside during winter, find some ice to cover with your man-goo then smash your partners face into the cold cum, their blood from their nose should mix well with the white snow and babyjuice
my exgirlfriend broke up with me because i gave her a froozen cherry cheesecake

she was a kinky hoe, for christmas, she gave me head outside and i saw some ice so the froozen cherry cheesecake had to be done
by Tyman March 26, 2008

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