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(n) a specific state of extreme intoxication caused by the gratuitous intake of two or more illicit substances, most often alcohol and marijuana. This state earned its name from the pale, pasty complexion of its sufferers.

The "White Zone" differs from a "Blackout" in that an afflicted person never loses consciousness and has full, albeit torturous, recollection of the state after it has subsided.

Symptoms include crippling dizziness, complete loss of motor function, cold sweats, and inability to communicate. Since marijuana suppresses muscle function (including gag reflex) vomiting is not only guaranteed, but prolonged further than if only alcohol had been consumed.
"Fuck dude, what's the matter with you?"

(prolonged groan, spits apathetically into puke bucket)

"Did you double-wammy?"

(another groan)

"You've hit the white zone."
by TylerMcBoozey January 17, 2008

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