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When a red haired person has hair around their nipples.
Mark Ritchie has some nice cheese nips.
by Tyler Spillane August 23, 2006
Another way for police usually used in the hood.
Shit nigga it's da Po Po's
by Tyler Spillane August 13, 2005
Similar to porch monkey but for white people. It's when white kids sit around in their mom's basement all day and play videogames and smoke weed.
Harold plays Halo 2 while high all day and doesn't see day light because he's a basement cracker.
by Tyler Spillane August 23, 2006
When Males sit in a circle and jack off and they all ejaculate on a piece of bread in the middle and last one to ejaculate has to eat the bread.
Brett lost the circle jerk on purpose to eat the bread.
by Tyler Spillane May 02, 2005
A Jew that has a furry pussy.
Aww i had sex last night and that bitch was a jufer
by Tyler Spillane April 30, 2005
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