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mung baptism is usually done to a "virgin" munger as a sort of initiation after his first mung outing. After preforming mung one sprinkles mung juice on the once virgins head. It's pretty much a one way ticket to hell.
Now that you've finally had sex and eaten out a dead person, we must now preform mung baptism on you.
by Tyler Roberts October 21, 2007
baby mung is when one is preforming the act of mung on a pregnant woman the mung jumper hits the cold stiff belly of the dead woman, and out pops a fetus. Unless the woman was to far along when she died wereas the baby would be to big to emerge from the jay-jay (Volva). After the fetus pops out at a high speed the eater than stuffs down the fetus like it was a nacho supreme.
Hey Joseph Faucett I hope you haven't had supper yet, cause my aunt Josephine just died, and she was pregnant with my sweet cousin Philip. It looks like it's time for some good ol' baby mung. Wanna come with me? (Joseph Faucett) "Why sure that would be super, but I call the penis". (Tyler Roberts) "Oh Joseph, you alway's did like to eat little boys penis'"
by Tyler Roberts October 21, 2007

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