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White male who yearns to be black on the inside, usually wearing a hat with a flat bill, sometimes bearing a sticker that displays the hats size. Wears loose clothing and jerseys and drive cars that Mommy and Daddy bought for them. Usually complete pot heads. Think that there a gangsta when they usually live in rich white suburbs. Usually associate themselves with the brands south pole, SRH, and FUBU
dude, I swear if those bro-dogs sitting behind wont shut the fuck up I'm gonna shove the hat of his so far up his ass tha his nose will bleed
by Tyler Obermeit September 02, 2008
Opposite gender and reflection of Bro-dog. having an unhealthy perception of beauty and are extremely skinny. usually have bleach blonde hair and wear the usual slut clothing such as hollister, abercrombie or Bebe. Start having sex at such a young age that there bodies are completely used up by the time that they turn twenty so they become prostitutes, an easy task for them to do since they have pretty much been prostitutes since they 12, its just that at age twenty they finally start to accept payment
That Prostitot of a Bro-Ho is torn up from the floor up
by Tyler Obermeit September 02, 2008
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