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Your Gun (doesn't matter what type), is full of ammo, therefore it is Flammo.
"holy tits, his AK is Flammo"
by Tyler Mueller July 17, 2005
this is the mid-phase in the 3 phases of penile erection. this mid-phase is the most cumbersome, as it sticks straight out and then the person has to play the "tucking" game.

Phase 1-there is the penis, just hanging there without a problem in the world
Phase 2-we have hit the shmooney stage where we are at mid-boner
Phase 3-full out boner, "now lets do the sex" ~ Schfifty Five Video
"ok guys, this shmooney is getting to be quite cumbersome!". "But let me tell you Janice (as he, the man, turns his attention to the woman in the group) your breasts are turning me on"
by Tyler Mueller May 20, 2010
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