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Founded in 1845, it is the oldest university in Texas still operating under its original name, the oldest in Texas is Southwestern. Founded on Southern Baptist ideals, it has developed into a Doctoral granting institution consistently ranked as one of America's top 100 universities.It is one of the last institutions of Higher Learning in the World that still holds that both Faith and Knowledge can go hand in hand.
There are many sons and daughters of the wealthy, but Baylor's generosity in financial aid has balanced the student population into a more diverse institution economically and racially. Recently, Baylor has gone through a period of rapid expansion and is making great strides to become a Tier 1 University. It hat also managed to have great success with athletics (barring Football). All of this without compromising the core integrity if its Christian values.
Many argue that Waco is the worst college town in the Big 12 conference, and there is more to substantiate that than not. However, many students who attend Baylor choose to define themselves and their college experience as greater than a drunken stooper. I personally have seen the Baylor students take the initiative to help and love the Waco population more so than I have seen anywhere else.
So, if you define yourself as a Temperate, loving person who would rather take a weekend to take care of the poor rather than get wasted at a party, then come to Baylor.
Description of weekends
Texas A&M student:drunk as hell "...and then I poked the cow with my finger and it FELL OVER oh..my...god it was AMAZING! Let's have sex!"
UT Austin student:obviously suffering from an inferiority complex " ...so out football team was like BOOM, and then out baskeball team was like bam, and I was like 'Yeah, that's right we're TEXAS' cus' I go to F&%#ING UT BABY!"
Texas Tech student: "oh s&%$... remeber that janitor I though was cute...I think he gave me herpies"
Baylor University student: "um...I spent saturday at a homeless shelter and then had some drinks with some friends that evening...then I went to church and studied on sunday..."
by Tyler Barnes June 18, 2008

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