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1. The decision to clear out one's entire Minecraft folder and start from scratch, commonly done when there are irreversible conflicts between various mods installed over time.

2. The decision to delete one's worlds in Minecraft and start over with a blank slate.
My Minecraft installation has too many mods and I've run out of block IDs! I tried running an ID resolver mod but that just made it worse. I ended up declaring Minecraft bankruptcy.
#minecraft #bankruptcy #notch #games #mods
by Tyenkrovy January 08, 2012
1. Possessing of a quality similar to the articles and videos published on The Onion - that is, possessing a quality of being seemingly satirical, ridiculously unreal, and/or fictional.
The article posted on The Huffington Post today was very onionesque - at first, I actually thought it was from The Onion.
#the onion #humor #truthiness #unreal #news
by Tyenkrovy October 16, 2011
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