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a white, confused, napoleonic man caught up believing god played a foul trick on him by making him white. Usually exhibiting an inferiority complex, large mouth and little heart to back anything up.
Pat, being a true jiggywig, did nothing when I told him to grow the fuck up and stop spouting out racy rap lyrics he didn't understand.
by Tye February 18, 2005
fucking moron who has no balls but sacrafices innocent soldiers lives.also means that pres. bush who is a jackass that loves it up the ass.also a transexual who likes horse cock.also means that pres. bush has funny looking ears and is a fucking bitch lyer.
man that bush is a fucking queer.
i hate that moron bush.
time to shave the bush.
by tye June 15, 2004
word thats is telling what something is.
come play with deez nuts
deez chips are old
most common term-deez nuts
by tye June 15, 2004
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