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noun: the belief that clowns must die. It's a followers are called Bozebists, or Bozebis, and it was started by Bozebus. see also: Bezebus
by Tybalt May 05, 2003
Noun; 1 The slayer of clowns. 2 one who slays clowns. 3 A follower of Bozebism (the beleif that clowns must be slain.alternate: "Bozebis"
Bozebus slew some clowns.
by Tybalt May 05, 2003
Trendy males, Somebody who does not feel they need to define themselves with their music taste or fashion sense. They are nothing like Chavs or Towniesas they do not feel a hatred to all other styles (though can't say i am a personal fan of chavs or townies) and are in fact very open minded in this way. Generally middle class and will have a job too fund their way of life. They enjoy being with their friends and/or girlfriends. They are usually mature individuals who are in late education. They have no problem with socialising with any other groups and are usually peaceful people. Everybody is individual and trendys realise this and so do not feel a need to define themselves. Some may be a little too gregarious in believing they are good looking enough to play alont other females but most are just very outgoing individuals. Contrary to popular belief most do not just follow fashions but in fact are able to see if the style will suit them personally before buying. They are up to date on all the latest technology usually as they feel they as much as anyone else need a good way to listen to their music or contact their friends. Usually very vein people as they like to look the best they possibly can do.This is a UK definition not a clue about abroad. :)
Trendy girls, well thats just an entirely different definition, personally i avoid most of them.
Nick: What the Bloody hell are you wearing?
Tom: Its erm trendy??:S
Nick: You don't have a clue.
by Tybalt April 26, 2006

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