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Short for "Straight-Edge." Chosing. lead a life free of drinking, smoking, drugs, and casual sex.
Not to be confused with, "Hate-Edge," or, "Nazi-sXe," which is hating, or even commiting acts of violence against those who do not share the same sXe views.
Hate-Edge kids suck.
So do scene fucking posers who claim Edge, but don't commit to it.
Straight Edge is not a trend, or a temporary thing. It is a long lasting, usually life-long, commitment.

Another common misconception of Straight-Edge, is that it is tied to the Christian religion, which is not true. It has absolutely no connection to any religion of any kind.
It is simply a choice of lifestyle. It's not a weakness, nor is it a strength.
A true edger will respect all people, whether they are sXe or not.
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
sXe-Kid: No thanks.
Not-sXe-Kid: Ok.
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
Nazi-sXe-Kid: FUCK YOU!!!
Not-sXe-Kid: Wanna beer?
Scene-Poser-Asshole: Sure! I'm not really Edge! I just think it makes me look cool!

by TyMan241 February 05, 2007

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