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A person, usually female, who has children and milks the system for all the government assistance they can get. This person usually has no life goals and makes absolutely no plans for economic self-sufficiency, generally assuming that they will be able to live off of the government forever. In the most extreme cases these individuals will not only live off welfare, but will also take in a baby daddy, unbeknownst to the welfare office. The goal of this is extra income and to help baby daddy avoid paying his own child support.
Yeah, ever since he got that welfare wench pregnant he hasn't been coming around to see his other kids and he stopped paying his child support too. Damn skanks messing up the system for the rest of us.
by TyAdalyn August 31, 2010
When going postal can't describe the amount of psychotic behavior that will be exhibited. Phrase is related to the amount of postal traffic during the holidays and how postal employees are under even more stress during those periods.
If you don't give me my McNuggets I'm going to go holiday postal on your ass!
by TyAdalyn September 23, 2010

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