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Used to show anger, get ones attention, or show confusion.

Used in succesion of itself, it helps show the intent of the purpose.

Works in combining "meh" and/or "bah"
Ex 1
Them: "Sorry man, send the pic again, my connection dropped"

You: >:O fsdafdsafdsafdsafdsa

Ex 2
Them: "You still there or you idling?"

You: fsdafdsa

Ex 3
Them: "Did you see the newly posted party pics?? You and that chick really hit it of....LOL"

You: fsdafdsafdsafdsafdsa??????
by Ty Paige November 15, 2004
The act of personally or privately messaging someone in quick bursts, typing "fdsa" or "fdsafdsafdsa".

This method is known on AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Instant Messenger, and MSN Messenger.

This is a frustrating act on the reciever who is interrupted by this attack as they are messaging another person.
Havasuhottiexxx: hey, you in tha mood to cyber????
KropDuster: Oh yeah.. i sure am baby…
Havasuhottiexxx: great.. I am Jasmine, a buxum 19 year old waiting for someone to take my virginity, doggystyle..
Havasuhottiexxx: I need you to give it to me!!
KropDuster: Oh yeah baby, I'm feeling ya all the way.. I am Mangler, a...

***New Chat Window***

TyPaige: fsdafasdfasdfasd
TyPaige: fsdffdsasdfasd
TyPaige: fsdafafdsaasd
KropDuster: fdsfsdadfs
TyPaige: fsdafasdfasdfasd
KropDuster: fdsfsda
TyPaige: I got you bitch!!
KropDuster: BAH!!
KropDuster: FUCK
TyPaige: Better luck next time, cum sneeze
TyPaige: So.. wut are you doin'??
KropDuster: ...
by Ty Paige November 15, 2004
To show support and displacement at the same time.

To combine "Right On!" and "Whatever"
They: "Hey man, I won tickets to the concert, and I'm taking my girlfriend"

You: "Rightever"
by Ty Paige November 15, 2004

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