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Adjective. Someone who's alnino is a man who has two or more of the following characteristics:

-Drinks cum
-Sucks on his friends' dick
-Sucks on his dad's dick
-Fucks his mom at least once a day
-Is a fail abort
-Is a retard
-Watches gay porn
-Is fat
-Is shit
-Is a complete idiot
-Is a dicksucking bullsack gaylord
-Sucks random men's cock for free (notice he doesn't even charge for sucking. It's comercial free)
-Has no social life
-Faps at least 3 times a day while watchin Lemonparty
-Jizzes on his dad's mouth
-Wow! Look at that fat alnino with hot dogs watching.....nude men on TV?

-Ewww. How disgusting!
by Ty's mom July 07, 2011
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