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A scene band described by many mainstream websites, magazines, and reviewers on other media as deathcore. However, they are nothing more than the latest lucky bunch to be picked for extensive coverage, while others of their breed wallow underground (relatively).

Frontman Oli Sykes has recently been in hot bother for allegedly urinating on a female fan after a recent gig. He's the main USP (unique selling point, a business term for the main attraction of a product) of the band, because their fans don't talk about anyone else. Plus, his vocals sound like either a) a cross between Bullet For My Valentine's Matt Tuck and Cradle Of Filth's Dani Filth, or b) a knock-off of Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow. Which, in either case, is bad.

The lyrics are, though not obvious at first, about relationships, thereby placing Bring Me The Horizon in the same league as Bullet For My Valentine and Funeral For A Friend. The band themselves have been tagged to the "emo" movement, and have been critised by professional critics for being predictable and untalented; conversely, they have been popular with stereotypical 14-year-old scene kids who wear size zero jeans and arm socks and flourishing myspace accounts.
You know in some indie music circles like NME where, out of say 25 bands, a random band like The Twang or The Enemy is picked for media exposure and mainstream grooming? Well, the rock magazines like Kerrang! have picked Bring Me The Horizon in a similar fashion, placing Oli Sykes and his Toni&Guy-brand hair on posters and stickers, and overhyping all their releases, whether visual or audio.

Various joke names associated with this lot include "Bring Me The Hairspray", "Bring Me The Hair Extensions" or my invention "Bring Me The Hyperbole", which is inspired by their overexposure to mainstream audiences.
by TxKx August 16, 2007
Considered to be one of the bands to recieve major benefit from the current MySpace phenomenon, and their use of it, Job For A Cowboy are a deathcore-turned-poser-death-metal outfit from Arizona.

While Job For A Cowboy can be seen as pioneers of death metal by their loyal legion of fans, purists consider them a lame band with a penchant for pig squeals - referencing Job For A Cowboy's debut EP, Doom, which was responsible for their success.

Job For A Cowboy is for fans of: Despised Icon, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and Bring Me The Horizon.
Scene Kid: "Job For A Cowboy are the best metal band today, and the Doom EP was, and is, the most br00tal album ever."

Genuine Metalhead: "Job For A Cowboy is nothing but fourth-rate garbage for idiots who don't know shit about metal."

TxKx: "Job For A Cowboy is a perfect example of what is wrong with today's metal scene. This rubbish can only appeal to impressionable 16-year-old posers who spend too much time on MySpace; basically, it's absolute fail."
by TxKx September 06, 2007
Poster boy for the MySpace generation, Oliver Sykes is frontman for overhyped band of the 21st century Bring Me The Horizon. Band has been overexposed in Kerrang! magazine. He is an emo pussy that is untalented, and his bandmates aren't that much better.

Oli has been in trouble for urinating on a female fan, then throwing her and her friend off their tour bus and then throwing an empty bottle of Jagermeister, leaving her with a bad head injury. He has twice denied this, further proving that he is an awful person of a bastard.

He also owns Drop Dead Clothing, which is the uniform for black-dressed idiots like Oli, the dinlo.
Stereotypical MySpace user: "BMTH rule OMG he is fit!!11!"

Genuine Metal Fan: "What?!? You're joking, right? The whole genre of deathcore both sucks and blows! Bring Me The Horizon are the worst band today!"

TxKx: "We should bottle Oli Sykes for hurting that girl, mush! Make him feel what an empty Jagermeister bottle to his emo face feels like!"

See my Bring Me The Horizon entry for more on the band.
by TxKx August 16, 2007

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