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Beautiful, fun, outgoing, hard headed, generous, always smiling, the best time of your life, sexy, adventurous, loves sex, loves to be in long relationships, can be hot headed at times, will tell you excatly whats on their mind, a true partner, music is their release, likes taking long car rides with the windows down, forever your best friend, won't let you down, may hurt your feelings by telling you the truth, loves to drink, very social, show stopper, center of attention, normally a LEO, will shine at whatever they do, very talented, loves bread, hates to workout but will do it, has georgeous children, not good with money until shown how to be, lover and a fighter, knows the corky little things and how to fix them, sensitive but in strange ways, everyone loves them, always wanted, leader
Starie is the most awesome girl around.
by Two Sho February 03, 2010

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