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1)A TV show
2)When 2 or more people decide to be "buddies" as in people that are not or can be related that hang out with each other a lot. One of the reasons they become buddies is because they may have stuff in common such as hobbies or sports
1)"Did you catch that last episode of Friends?"
"What? When was it?"
"It was on last night at 7:00pm on channel 5! It was a really funny episode!"
2)"Let's be best friends!"
"OK! Do you want to come over tomorrow?"
"Sure! I'll ask my mom and dad!"
by Twix monster March 14, 2006
Someone who is afraid to do anything illegal or bad. A prude basically in a non sexual term.
Tom:No! I'm not gonna drink booze or smoke weed, I'm only 14!
John:You're a fucking pruze then. Go fuck off bitch
by twix monster January 05, 2008

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