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Alrighty. Marilyn Manson, one of the more interesting and induvidual musicians out there. Is pointed to by many to be evil, satanic, and "The Antichrist". He is by no means any of these things. He's just a person, like anyone else. He just happens to be very creative, bordering on weird. but, because of this, many don't give the music a chance. Some of the more well known songs by him are "This is the New shit, the beautiful people, and a cover of the song "Sweet dreams" Two interesting side notes, he did the voice of the alien Edgar in the game AREA 51 for ps2 and xbox, and the name Marilyn Manson comes from Marilyn Monroe, the actress who'se death is still a mystery, and Charles Manson, the Serial killer.
Luke: Yo, twitch, what's your favorite Marilyn Manson album?

Twitch: Dude, Antichrist Superstar, without a doubt.
#metal #rock #charles manson #marilyn monroe #marylin manson
by Twitchard December 09, 2006
The semi-rythmic swaying of underweight, emotionally distressed suburbanites, usually done to songs about girls who left the singer. Never results in a moshpit.

Also, anyone who wants to bish me out for this, can deal with it. I have emo friends, and they okayed this
James: Yo man, look at all those kids emowobble, it's like the wave, but depressed!
#moshpit #emo #the wave #afi #mcr
by Twitchard December 05, 2006
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