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3 definitions by TwinklyTerrapin

One's closest female friends. The ones you not only like, but trust; the ones you rock it with. Your ‘gynaz will always back you up with a wikkid groove, and beat off the fanboys for you. They will never give a fanboy your phone number. Often said while throwing the ‘gynaz sign; the first two fingers in an upside-down V, with the thumb tucked between.
"What up, mah 'gynaz? Are you ready to jam out wit' yah clams out? 1! 2! 3! 4!"
by TwinklyTerrapin January 22, 2009
3 1
Code for a douche. Someone who's not one of your 'gynaz or a pieslice could potentially smell like vinegar.
He said he knows someone who knows someone who could get us a gig. I'm thinking he smells like vinegar.
by TwinklyTerrapin January 22, 2009
2 1
A female friend or buddy. A synonym for 'gynaz.
Hey pieslice, how yo' peaches?
by TwinklyTerrapin January 22, 2009
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