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One's closest female friends. The ones you not only like, but trust; the ones you rock it with. Your ‘gynaz will always back you up with a wikkid groove, and beat off the fanboys for you. They will never give a fanboy your phone number. Often said while throwing the ‘gynaz sign; the first two fingers in an upside-down V, with the thumb tucked between.
"What up, mah 'gynaz? Are you ready to jam out wit' yah clams out? 1! 2! 3! 4!"
by TwinklyTerrapin January 22, 2009
Code for a douche. Someone who's not one of your 'gynaz or a pieslice could potentially smell like vinegar.
He said he knows someone who knows someone who could get us a gig. I'm thinking he smells like vinegar.
by TwinklyTerrapin January 22, 2009
A female friend or buddy. A synonym for 'gynaz.
Hey pieslice, how yo' peaches?
by TwinklyTerrapin January 22, 2009
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