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A Scumwhore is a woman which holds no values above her own instant satisfaction. The scumwhore will lie, cheat and steal you blind at first opportunity. A scumwhore is often undiagnosed, but if she was to consult professional medical staff, she would often qualify for a diagnosis relating to dyssocial functioning, for example a narcisstic or psycopathic personality.

A female social parasite that holds zero moral qualities
"I was looking for a female escort to accompany me for dinner, but all I could find was these scumwhores crawling the street looking for a quick fix"

A junkie street hooker often qualifies as a scumwhore
by Twin_Peaks December 19, 2011
A female which have reached the level of 0% selfworth and 100% selfhumiliation. Any dodgy pornmakers dream, the porndollwhore subjects herself to any deviant humiliation in an endless journey to nowhere.
Lost souls ending up in the controlling hands of antisocial boyfriends, porn producers and other deviant waste of modern living, is a Porndollwhore
by Twin_Peaks February 16, 2012
A Dollwhore is a female which voluntarily offers her body for humiliation and deviant sexual exploitation. Her motive may or may not me financial.

A female might slide into a Dollwhore as a reaction to rape in hope of reliving the event will heal her wounds.
"I dont recognise Angie anymore. After she returned from overseas, she has turned into a dollwhore. All she does is sleep with multiple old strange men"
by Twin_Peaks December 19, 2011
A lesbian whom also cheats and betrays to achieve her goals.

A dyketart is not a prostitute in a traditional manner, but uses similar techniques to satisy her needs.
"Lisa is such a corporate dyketart. I heard she slept with Angela (the Boss) just to get promoted"
by Twin_Peaks December 13, 2011

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