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Similar to munsoned.
The essence of being a pussy. Most notably used in taking a bong rip and coughing like a little bitch.
Man, that bong rip just levined the Christ out of me.
by Twin Betty February 17, 2005
Originates from Bohlaspeak. Commonly used when you want to say "Check this out I'm the mother fucking man" but don't have the time. The roots of this work trace back to its beginnings in Greensburg, PA. Following the summer of 2004, chechum exploded onto the campuses of Penn State and Virginia Tech. Mgoo.
Chechum y'all, I just loaded that girl I've wanted to breed with forever.
by Twin Betty February 01, 2006
Similar to munsoned.
One who thinks he is at the top of the world, but then gets fucked. Usually used during a card games from where the word origniates.
During a no limit texas hold'em game, I thought my trips were money, but then a full house came and Kurnicked me.
by Twin Betty February 17, 2005
A dance invented by Rob Hebrank. To do it one must pretend he is a spineless sea animal and wiggle like like they have never wiggled before. Oh ya Rob has a large penis and does the helicopter frequently.
Rob busted out the amoeba at this party and got laid by like 20 filipino chicks at once.
by Twin Betty February 23, 2005

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