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1. n. The state of mind gained from LSD.

2. n. An acid flashback.

3. n. A task or action that is simultaneously divine and destructive.
1. I'm starting to feel the lysergia wash over me.

2. "Why are you staring at the wall?"
"The lysergia, man, it's fuckin' sweet."

3. It occured to me at that moment that I could only understand death if I tasted it, so I slit my wrists, and then the visions came.
by Twilight Veil May 04, 2004
n. a person with a face easily associated with retardation, such as the common deformaties of Downs syndrome.

v. to mangle someone's face in such a way that they look like a retard.
You tardface, your only chances for dating are with the blind.

I'm going to tardface you if you don't shut your hole.
by Twilight Veil March 16, 2004
That moment when you and your friends are too stoned to actually say anything.
Simply, "..."
by Twilight Veil April 21, 2004
adj. of Freudian psychology, usually involving one of the following:
1. Cocaine
2. Your mother
3. Id
4. Ego
5. Superego

Can also be used to describe something pseudointellectual.
Hold on, man, I'm going to snort a few lines of that powdery Freudian goodness.

Cool, you sound all Freudian, you fucktard.
by Twilight Veil March 16, 2004
The cheesedick is similar to the dick, but uses techniques that are clearly cheesy to annoy the crap out of those around him, often in a backwards attempt to look cool.
"Oh, yeah! Your mad Ryu skillz can't stand up to my hundred-hand slap!"
"Man, stop being a cheesedick."
by Twilight Veil April 16, 2004

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