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One of the most well-known stylists to the stars and famous in her own right. Known for her "overnight" makeovers to stars like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie. Her celebrity client list also includes the likes of Mischa Barton, Kate Hudson, and Salma Hayek. Her going rate for her expert fashionsta style is 6k a day. One of the bad rumors spreading about Rachel Zoe is that she models her clients after her, and that she supposedly has a bad addiction to crystal meth, and gets many of her clients to use the drug with her (hence, why some explain Lindsay and Nicole's sudden super dramatic weight loss as more than a coincidence - it happened at the same time for both Lindsay and Nicole, and right when they started working with Zoe).
I can't believe that celebrity went from making such horrible fashion mistakes to looking like such an amazing, glamorous starlet and trendsetter! Looks like SOMEONE hired Rachel Zoe for some wardrobe 911!
by Twiggy8040 October 24, 2006
A hot fashion label carried mostly at boutiques, worn by many celebrities and fashionistas. Excellently combines high, hot fashion while showing off a woman's little-girlish favorite things, such as designs featuring cupcakes, a slice of cake, unicorns, ice cream cones, frogs, rollerskates, ponies, anchors, and bunnies, to name a few.
Did you see Primp's new fall line? They're going with frogs and bunnies this year. So adorable!
by Twiggy8040 October 24, 2006

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