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-acronym for have a kick ass summer.

commonly written in yearbooks.
see you next year... hakas!
by tweedle dee May 28, 2005
The ticket you thought was to Ontario, Canada that actually took you to Ontario, California. (Or any other such mix-up).
I meant to go to Disney World, but guess I bought a an O-ticket to Disneyland instead
#roadtrip #lost #meg rental #mapquest #offtrack
by Tweedle Dee September 17, 2012
When you get in the wrong rental car, drive it away, and keep it for a week, resulting in the rental company reporting the car stolen.
Did you get an upgrade, or is this a Meg rental?
#confused #mixup #fuqed #perplexed #dizzy
by Tweedle Dee September 17, 2012
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