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An individual who needs women like air.....every single female he sees is free game to hit on to the point of repulsion. Creepy smile, darting eyes, and exposed neck muscles when in full creeping form. Impossible to hang out with due to obsession with attempting to hit on opposite sex. This may sound appealing to be a wing man.....but be very careful as to not be connected to this individual in the minds of females.......guilt by association could be lethal. If you are looking for this individual check all old model vans...(especially with no windows in the back) and/or light colored Infinities.
I went to lunch with a Creepy McCreeperson and he offended the waitress to the point I know she spit in our food. What a creep.
by twan August 16, 2004
Another term for masturbating.
Man I was smackin in da pants and in walk my little sis.
by tWaN June 07, 2003
A weird combination of words.
You're a huge jewtit
by Twan April 01, 2005
The female equivilant to scrotum juice
Holy shit she flogged all over my new jeans!
by twan January 05, 2005
finishing second at everything in life. Including video games, sports and anything relevant. Being a whiny bitch and quiting when down also constitutes being jup life.
Damn, that fucker sucks so bad he's all jup lifed out. He should be more like the champ (twan)
by twan February 10, 2005
ghetto version of "hey"
wurd yo
wurd up g?
by twan August 16, 2003
This word can be substituted for any word you want.
What the shizzle?
Dude, look at that shizzle.
Man my shizzle is all shizzled up.
by tWaN June 07, 2003
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