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(Tvegas) A small town in north-western Pennsylvania. Titusville became known for the first successful oil well, but that probably has something to do with the Tecker population. Titusville, is ravaged by an overly populated tecker population, along with its fair share of amish, hillbillies, and then gangster wanabees.

(School) The Titusville Rockets, thats right, we blow. deal with it.
(Wasteland) Titusville has a population or around 7k, there is nothing to do but go to walmart, country fair, or some place you can find anywhere else.
(But besides that, there isn't anything else to us, WE BLOW)
Titusville- Nicknames; (Tvegas, The valley, or sever other inapropriate names)
Techer- Kid who participates in a trade school; Usually thinks highly of themself. Usually dressing in Flanel and boots(tecker-boots)
by TvegasTeller February 04, 2011

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