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3 definitions by Tutankhevon

Multiplujillionaire: A person's whos wealth is unknown, because of exponential growth. Term was first used as Multiplujillion by Disney to explain Uncle Scrooge or Scrooge McDuck wealth, Evon Andre Arnold associated the term Multiplujillion with the a person wealth and came up with the term Multiplujillionaire.
Who ever made that new video game must be a multiplujillionaire, who knows how much money they have.
by Tutankhevon October 22, 2011
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MADBREDDA is a record label founded by Evon Andre "DJMEGASTARS" Arnold and Jovaan "LV YARDY" ARNOLD in December 24, 2007. The term Madbredda is Jamaican which means "Mad and Brother" since Evon and Jovaan are biological brothers with a crazy rhythmic sound of composed instrumentals and acapellas, they combined the words MADBREDDA.
MADBREDDA has done it again with their great music, I loved the instrumentals Chinese Staircase Riddim, De Kitty Kat Riddim / Kisse Katta Riddim, Remember November Riddim, and the Tutankhevon Riddim.
by Tutankhevon October 22, 2011
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Tutankhevon is a Egyptian name which means (Living Image of Evon). It has no affliation with King Tutankhamun. But is connected to the song "Tutankhevon Riddim" which was composed by Evon Andre Arnold. Tutankhevon was also used by Evon Andre Arnold, in the book "Multiplujillionaire, Finding Money Super Fast Anywhere (Legally)".
Tutankhevon wrote a another book again, must he use that pen name when he writes.
by Tutankhevon October 22, 2011
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