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a human being who's sole purpose is to get laid and is a maniac who can't get enough, always has to one up everyone around them and sex is the only thing their feeble brain can utter out with words. always has to have just one more conquest.
look at that jive chump, acting like some wannabe casanova, whatever tho that hedonistic slut pringle will find out the hard way with worshipping that much evil.
by Tussinfinity April 03, 2014
through instant revelation.

how? through the unconscious celestial wireless.
the anagram of lust begets slut, it came to me abataneously
by Tussinfinity July 29, 2013
Swizzed "the act of conducting a lucrative side business, the government convenes and now your serving time for bootlegging your own product'
yo man you hear about Megaupload? it got Swizzed

Swizz is going to end up in supermax for bootlegging his own music.

Steven Spielberg will be a witness "Jurassic Park Remix - Swizz Beats With Download Link" youtube code --> J-sBCPpg0jU
by Tussinfinity January 19, 2012

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