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(n) The feeling that the potential to love someone is strong or likely.

(conj) 1. will love 2. would love
I really feel that this could go somewhere, I wuv you.

Just because you stopped liking me doesn't mean my wuv for you is gone.
by TuroSaave February 17, 2010
\flü-ted\ (abbr) Feeling like wanting to die.
I'm flwtd, but I have to hang in there.

Please leave me alone; I can tell I'm about to be flwtd.
by TuroSaave March 08, 2010
(abbr) Address the Top Concerns
Art: I think I have been experiencing a tricky case of designer's block.
Pauly: You should try to ATC of your design(s).
Art: That is a good idea.
by TuroSaave November 27, 2010

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