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1. Whilst making love to a woman's anus from behind her you bust a nut all up in your condom, then you take you turn your condom inside out and start to go to town on her snatch to get her pregger's. 10 months later when she's having the baby in the hospital you violently kick open the door to her room and scream "You just got SMASH GORDONED!"
That douche bag Heraldo gave me a Smash Gordon last night, what a joker.
by Turd Smoka September 18, 2008
1. When your feeling a bit dangerous, you take a shit, wrap it in saran wrap and put it in the freezer. When your log is rock solid you remove it from the freezer and then proceed to fuck your old lady in the ass with it.

2. A pipeline located in Alaska
This Alaskan Pipeline is like taking a shit in reverse!
by Turd Smoka September 18, 2008

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