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4 definitions by Turd Burgaler

Lions, Tigers, and Pistons; OH MY!
The national sports teams in Detroit kick ass. Detroit Tigers rule!
by Turd Burgaler June 29, 2005
This is a phrase that has the same meaning as "I don't really care" or "I could care less". It is a saying of apathy and disconcern about something or someone.
So that prick over there hates me? I could give two shits about him!
by Turd Burgaler June 23, 2005
A person who's Christmas is Arbor Day.
The environmentalist wacko is over there giving that redwood tree expensive presents.
by Turd Burgaler June 29, 2005
A good man AND president who is blamed for entirely waaaaaayyy too much shit, especially things that aren't even his fault.
Liberal Jackass: I hate George W. Bush! I hate him so damn much! He's the reason for Hurricane Katrina, the Korean War, breast and colon cancer, AIDS, the KKK, World War I and II, even though he wasn't even alive then, and I'm and idiot.
by Turd Burgaler September 26, 2005