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A man who enjoys staring at women's hind quarters.
That girl just caught me lookin', I can't help it. I'm a jiggle hawk.
by Turbo Mack December 11, 2008
to squeeze a turd out vertically over a willing partner's head while getting a blowjob, in the form of a mohawk. usually administered in a 3-point stance.
I paid some prostitute to let me give her a choc-o-hawk at the truck stop last night.
by Turbo Mack December 11, 2008
A 24 ounce can of beer. Older brother to the "tall boy" (a 16 ounce can of beer).
Tall boys? That's child's play. Pick me up a few tough guys.
by Turbo Mack December 11, 2008
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