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A great rapper, actually past great, but is really overrated to the point where 99.90% of the world likes him and its rare to find a Tupac Hater. I'm not hating, I love Tupac (no homo) but he is just way overrated, there are a lot of other rappers who are on the same level, like Eminem yup thats right I said it, but eminem has 10% less of tupacs fan base which is basicly racism all because he has european decent and people view him as a wankster because they think any black rapper is a gangster. If Eminem was black and had the same skill he would have as much fans as Tupac. Eminem has a fan base of 89% of the world because of racism, Tupac has a fan base of 99.90%.I mean most of you guys would buy a Tupac album if he sounded like Hurricane Chris. Once again I'm not hating on 2Pac, if anything I'm a die hard Tupac, Eminem, and Biggie fan. It's just so many of his fans are, whats the word, DICK RIDERS!!!
2Pac Dick Rider: * gigantic 2Pac comment on the youtube vid comment box* OMGEE! Tupac is the best, it sucks that he died before I was born. 2pac rulezzz!!!! I know im gonna marry him someday in heaven.

Me: Go get a life you dick rider, Tupac is past great, but its dumbasses like you who make him look bad by spamming gigantic 2Pac's made out of different letters on his videos.
by Tupac is great but overrated August 23, 2009

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