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A thick, creamy substance that is launched from a man's penis; cum.
Jeremy was furiously whipping up some man yoghurt for his girlfriend.
by Tund March 06, 2008
A thick white substance that collects on your unsheathed dick during sexual intercourse; crab paste; dipping sauce; salmon tears.
'I was fucking some girl last night when I suddenly realised I couldn't see my cock for all the fish butter.'
by Tund March 06, 2008
A secretion of the vagina to aid the entry of the penis, often collecting into fish butter after much friction.
'Jeremiah began to tickle the young lady with his tongue, and it was not soon before he could taste salmon tears.'
From the 'Bellringers' Handbook 1942'
by Tund March 06, 2008
1. Shitting in one's own hand.
2. The part played by a male/female in assisting a fudge torpedo into the toilet bowl.
3. Scat play, where one covers themselves in shit and continues to wait for more, hands outstetched.
'My girlfriend decided she wanted to play the chocolate midwife.'
by Tund March 06, 2008
A silicon device filled with freshly spilt man yoghurt used to end a fight with the guys in the apartment downstairs.
'I think we're winning this one, Jeff.'
'Holy hell, get down!'
'What is it?'
'They just threw a Chinese Hand Grenade, and it landed on Mike's head!'
by Tund March 06, 2008
To cough unexpectedly in the middle of a sentence, often whilst choking on your own saliva.
'OK that'll be seven p- *cough*'
'You alright?'
'Yeah I just fulded... nothing to worry about.'
by Tund March 06, 2008
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