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2 definitions by Tuna Hotdog

The Term used to describe an individual who has become so high from marijuanna that he misreads the lyrics to "Do the Hustle" as "Tuna Hotdog" - this is all while playing Super Mario Cart and playing with a black light.
da da da dadada da da - da da da dada - Tuna Hotdog!
by Tuna Hotdog April 18, 2009
5 8
A term used by hot little good girls who dont want to use naghty words to describe a person, so they call them a Frau. in actuality, Frau is the German word for a formal title for a woman. example: Frau Jones, or Frau Andersen. Similar to Mrs. as in Mrs Jones or Mrs Anderson.
Don't change the channel you stupid Frau. I was watching that.
by Tuna Hotdog April 19, 2009
6 31