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Someone with the attitude of a dick.

Someone who cops a sudden bad attitude when asked to do something.
Ray has such a dicktude today.

Instead of talking to a friendly customer service rep, I spoke to a guy with a real dicktude.

Jared is obviously not a morning person, he woke up with a real dicktude.
by Tulip Juicyfruit December 22, 2009
When a group of people suck collectively.
Ann, Dona, Tonya you guys are jerks and yallsuck!
I walked into work and yelled yallsuck!
by Tulip Juicyfruit January 21, 2010
To make and apology for being and ass.
I'm done proctologizing to Amy for saying she looked fat in her wedding dress, she can just get over it already!

Rick is proctologizing to Tonya for calling her Marci during sex.
by Tulip Juicyfruit August 25, 2010

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