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While watching a show recorded on a DVR (Tivo, etc), repeatedly forgetting to fast-forward past the advertisements because you forget you're not watching live TV.
"Dude, do you have adnesia or something? This is the third time we're watching the commercials. It's Tivo, skip ahead!"
by Tugrik October 28, 2008
Nickname for catnip. Specifically, the fresh, little-green-buds kind that drive most cats utterly insane. The dried-powder junk from the grocery store need not apply.
"Dude, your cat is totally zoned out on the wibbleweed, isn't he? He's staring at me with big moon-eyes."

"Yeah, it's the good stuff. Keep your hands clear if you value your skin."
by Tugrik November 17, 2006
Acronym. Pronounced "pause-wah". Means: Piece Of Shit, Walk Away.

You "call POSWA" on something when you're finally giving up on it because it's just not worth solving/fixing/dealing-with.

Sometimes it's used as the whole phrase instead of the acronym.

Source: Comedian Bill "the Man" Hicks.
"Dude, you've been beating your head against that broken computer for hours now. It's never going to work. Call POSWA on the damn thing and let's go."

by Tugrik April 21, 2009
A portmanteau of "fandom" and "stench", fench is the proper name for that ever-present smell of sweaty fans that lingers around any fan-based convention (Anime, Sci-Fi, Furry, Gamer, etc). Similar to bad locker-room smell, it has less of the wet-shower-funk and more of the Great Unwashed Bod funk.
By Sunday the level of fench in the Baycon elevators was nearly overpowering.
by Tugrik January 07, 2012

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