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A very noisy, irritating dog which barks incessantly, usually during hours when Dracula stalks, for any or no reason.
If that barkbag doesn't shut up, I'm calling the cops!
by Tuftskins May 01, 2009
Differing from a shit and split, a flush and dump is often done out of consideration, or due to turd insecurity.

The action involves expelling a turd at the same time one hits the flush lever on a toilet.

This is done to mask a noisy turd in a public restroom or to quickly get rid of a smelly turd before it renders a bathroom uninhabitable.
Since it was his first time at her house, Andrew courteously performed a flush and dump in Martha's bathroom, vastly improving his chances of scoring that night.
by Tuftskins April 30, 2009
Commercial country music. Not the classic stuff, but the twangy modern mass marketed country that's all about trucks, cowboy hats, etc.

Like rap music, every singer sounds the same and sings about the same stuff. Unlike rap, it's aimed at white people, or at least some white people.

Rap for hicks.
It seemed like every truck stop Jamie stopped at between Minneapolis and Spokane was blaring cracker rap on the outside speakers.
by tuftskins January 19, 2010
A bar whose inhabitants are almost entirely male. Sausage saloons differ from gay bars in that the clientele is straight; mostly working stiffs and pensioners enjoying a cold one. Not bad places to hang out, but don't go there looking to score chicks.

Moe's Tavern would be a classic example.
Dan: "Damn, that 90-year old barmaid is the only chick in here!"

Tony: "Yeah, this is a sausage saloon. Let's finish our beers and check out the action at that place down the street."
by tuftskins December 09, 2009
The Federal Government. The politicians, lawyers, journalists, bureaucrats, lobbyists, and other hangers-on who parade in front of TV cameras, trying to make us think they really matter.

So named due the astounding preponderance of neckties worn by all involved.
Big Bear: "Looks like the Necktie Cult wants to raise taxes again."

Heather: "Mmmm. Good thing we're tax rebels!"
by tuftskins March 23, 2010
Science supported by made up facts or fudged data. Junk science.

Man-caused Globull Warming and any "scientific studies" touted by late night infomercials are lie-ence.

The practitioners of lie-ence may be called lie-entists to distinguish them from other liars.
Bill: "Wow! This scientific study says Snake Oil will increase the size of my penis!"

Krystin: "Don't be a sucker. That sounds like lie-ence to me."
by tuftskins December 09, 2009
Someone who relies heavily on political or other polls. Even though the media conducts polls on a seemingly daily basis, it is hard to find anyone who has actually been contacted, or knows someone who has. This tends to support the theory that pollsters are actually the guy who passes the bong to the journalist as they snicker like school girls over their snow job.

The poll sucker, however, views polls as infallible. They will even quote poll numbers in an argument.
Shirley: "Wow, Dick Cheney's approval rating is higher than Obama's!"

Lou: "Don't be such a poll sucker. Someone pulled those figures out of their butt."
by Tuftskins June 02, 2009

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