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Ridiculous. A word that, when used by the right people, is hilarious.
Jane's new hair cut is redonkadonk
by Tuesday Valentine August 07, 2005
Country slightly smaller than California northeast of Argentina with about 5,734,000 people.

Worship the Great Crab.
That brown kid Adam is from Paraguay. I here he is a prince or something...
by Tuesday Valentine June 18, 2005
1) a weapon that looks much like a large, bloody fishing hook.
2) A disagreeable person.
2) a super hero in the AI super hero game.
C: hey, shut up!
D: you shut up! i'll slap you with a bitch hook!

C: going to the concert tonight?
D: nah, my mom's being a bitch hook.

C: so, did you get through the first level yet?
D: almost, but i don't know how The Bitchook is going to save Chartreuse Tambourine Gypsy !
by Tuesday Valentine July 23, 2006

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