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A person who is like a fish totally and utterly out of water in every way, yet, they completely and effortlessly rule wherever they are, like a King Beagle or Top Dog

The name coming from the wildly juxtaposing idea of the Catholic/Christian messiah being in the most techonologically advanced country in the world.
"Man, check out Simon walking through those guys' hood, he's like Jesus in Japan!"

"I don't believe that, the quiet guy in the hat just strolled in here like he's King Beagle, threatened to Chamberlain one of those bikers, and sat down calmly, just like Jesus in Japan."

"Check that guy out, he doesn't speak a word of their language, dress the same or even care, but still, he's like Jesus in Japan."

by Tuco LeBlanca April 14, 2008

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