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Someone who makes statuses on Facebook that never get liked or commented by anyone.
Facebook Loner: Like this status and I'll tell you what I think of you. ;D

*3 days pass*

by Tubbyman October 23, 2010
To testify/to come up in one's spot looking extra fly. This is often done for the day you die.
Person 1: Let's touch the sky!!!

Person 2: I shall hop into a U-Haul van with my mother.
by Tubbyman October 28, 2010
A rapper who looks like a camel.
Person 1: I was riding on Jay-Z through the desert.

Person 2: No dude, that was just a camel.
by Tubbyman October 28, 2010
A stalker who is financially supported by MTV.
Hi I'm Andrew Jenks, relatively famous people across the country let me live with them even though I'm a complete stranger.
by Tubbyman October 23, 2010
Someone who thumbs down everything no matter what.
Person 1: What an intelligently written and clever definition. *thumbs down* LOLOLOLOL.

Person 2: You're an Urban Dictionary Asshole.
by Tubbyman October 23, 2010
A rapper who makes very catchy songs but is a terrible lyricist.
B.o.B: Yo I kick it like Adidas flowin' sticky like adhesive.

Beyonce: That makes no fucking sense.
by TubbyMan October 18, 2010
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